Where we Target

The Complete Digital Marketing Suite Under One Roof.



PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns that overlay keywords with audience targeting to achieve the greatest performance. This is a cost-effective solution for all businesses (small and large) takes on their competitors in the local & national markets.


Most utilized means of getting a message out without paying for wasted impressions. We optimize campaigns relevancy and refresh creative to constantly change visuals and messaging to ensure we match the offer with the right audience.

Native Advertising

The opportunity for brands to become part of the primary user experience by making the ad feel less intrusive and thus increasing the likelihood users will engage. We also able to access internet influencers that can endorse products that are in line with both of your target market’s interests.


Fastest growing means of advertising and important means of communication for much of the planet. Mobile is the biggest opportunity for brands of the digital age because your consumers are on the go, smartphone in hand and scrolling through ads waiting for an offer to spark their interest.


Social Media

Word Of Mouth is key for any brand, because consumers are in control. We utilize all social media advertising platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) for new ways to connect consumers and brands


Longest and most widely used form of communication in the digital environment. Found to be used to send ads, solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty and trust through CRM efforts.


Video is spreading as a wild fire can brands have found it to be an extremely useful and engaging form of media. Video digital advertising that is distributed across many platforms including social media and mobile is a vital way to tell your brand story in an entertaining and engaging way.

Who We Target

We shape ideas into blueprints that inspire the target audience to trust and engage with the brand.

Stratovative’s focus is to understand every way people interact and experience brands. Whether it’s the product, service, marketing or communications, our strategists immerse themselves in the lives of our clients’ brand’s potential users, uncovering their motivations and needs.

  • Business-2-Consumer:
    • The future of brand and consumer interaction excites us. Our clients spend most of their day thinking about what their target audience wants and needs, so we should too.
  • Business-2-Business:
    • Innovative, thoughtful business-to-business media plans require a thorough understanding of how—and where—clients’ customers and prospects look for information.
  • Multicultural:
    • How you target, define message and approach the appropriate culture/audience will ensure relative interaction and brand growth.

How We Target

We prevent disconnects in clients marketing strategies by aligning them with their goals.

Stratovative approach each client differently because every business and organization are different. We focus on bringing our clients the best solutions to meet their businesses goals and intended outcomes. We are involved at every stage of campaign planning and execution to ensure that everything we do moves our clients’ businesses forward along the correct path.

  • Brand Development
    • Our branding-centric services cover all phases of brand strategy and development, including research/analysis to define brand values, attributes and differentiators
  • eCommerce
    • The website is just the start. We consider our client’s position in their category and competitor comparison to integrate the best way to brand within their industry and drive sales.
  • Location-Based Marketing
    • A tried-and-true way to reach nearby consumers and create a tremendous amount of buzz for brick and mortar businesses

Stay On Target

Encompass the ability to reach a brand’s target audience no matter where they are, how they access the web and with the right type of message.

Ready To Think Outside The Box?

Our goal is to create a blueprint for success for our clients utilizing the most useful, powerful and affordable set of Strategic and Innovative ideas to reach their customers.